Welcome to the website of the Oasis of Peace in Jersey. The Oasis of Peace Centre is located in the presbytery next to St. Matthews church in the parish of St. Peter. The Oasis of Peace was dedicated in October 2007. The dedication service was led by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O Connor. It was opened in September 2009 when Mgr John Nelson, Vicar General of the Diocese of Portsmouth, was the principal celebrant at an open air mass in the Oasis Garden.

The purpose of the Oasis is guided by the words of the prophet Isaiah. For my House will be called a House of Prayer for all peoples Isaiah 56-7. It is established as an Oasis for the community principally our island community, but also for others. The Oasis is a visible sign of the one parish of the Catholic Church in Jersey. It is an island resource, accessible and open to all. It is being established to help ensure that the diverse needs of our community are being met and as a further way of implementing our Diocesan Pastoral Plan.

The Oasis is a place of Reflection. The Pastoral Plan calls us to strengthen the bonds between all Christians. It is not a centre only for the Catholic community but a centre where we can put into practice our mission to all. It is open for all who wish to have some time to spend time with God or to find some peace in their life. Two large meeting rooms, a large garden and a kitchen provide ample facilities for individuals and groups who wish to take some time-out..

The Pastoral plan states that The faith of all must be continually enlightened. To assist in this The Oasis is a place of study. It is available for school groups, private groups and organisations to lead various members of our island community to develop their faith.

Finally, the Oasis is a place of Action. As the Pastoral Plan reminds us we can have an encounter with Christ in every person. It is a resource for all of our parish community to be able to utilise. Perhaps many of our community have talents which they can share with others but not the resource. The Oasis can be that resource. It will be a place where our time and treasure can be given to the work of the Church. In short it should help us to put our call to stewardship into practice. If you are interested in making use of the Oasis centre please go to the contacts page for further details.Please go to the Calendar page to become aware of forthcoming events at the Oasis.

We hope in the future to invite you to be able to be able to stay and spend longer in this place. The vision is to have a place of peace and prayer where individuals, families and groups can come to take 'time out' in order to grow closer to God, seek the peace of Christ and understand the importance of faith in their lives. Get away from the excesses of life where the needs of your body are met but not the thirst of your soul.

Contact us for more Information about the the Oasis of Peace at info@oasisofpeacejersey.com

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